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Because that is my promise, my practice, and my place to play


Starting with “wouldn’t it be cool if…” and then “what steps would it take to get us there?”

These two questions are at the basis of how I get things done.

They are my secret recipe that start the ball rolling on unique and creative approaches in both business and life. Everything of value that I have, started with those questions.

Short Bio:

Entrepreneur; creative and contrarian, with a penchant for business development and marketing automation. Husband and father (5!) residing between Maine and Alexandria, VA. Formerly, coaching college hoops; teaching college courses on Positive Psych; and doing hypnosis demonstrations on stage (yes it’s real). Voracious reader. Seeking unconditional alignment, daily.

Longer Bio:

I believe the better way to know a person, is by their work…

Wreaths Across America:

Since 2007, I have served in the role of Director of Communications and Outreach with Wreaths Across America, a national non-profit with a mission to Remember, Honor, and Teach about the service and sacrifice of our veterans.

In that time, we have grown to an organization with an annual budget over $10mm, largely driven by an email list of 50,000+ volunteers, over 1100 locations nationwide and approaching 200,000 fans on Facebook.

I take great pride in the role that I play with WAA, and like Founder Morrill Worcester and his family, I have a strong feeling that the opportunities I enjoy every day were paid for by the blood, sweat, and tears of those willing to serve.

If you don’t quite believe that, watch this TV series and imagine what your life (and that of your family) would be like today if things had been different.

MustTryIt! Media, Inc

Beyond my role with WAA, I assist a number of other clients with their digital marketing under the banner of MustTryIt! Media. Originally, the name was adopted for platform that I was building in 2013-2014 to promote a mission to ‘Save Main Street, one small business at a time.’ That concept crashed and lessons were learned along the way, including several other entrepreneurial “at-bats” that did not produce the desired home runs.

But one thing that I admire and aspire to (learned from our Greatest Generation) is that you cannot be afraid to step up and take your swings. And the game isn’t over yet 😉

At other points in my life, I have been a Coach, a Teacher, and a Hypnotist (yes, it is true and I have the stories to prove it). But most of all – I am husband, father (5!) and friend. Reinventing myself daily – I would love to share my journey with you.

What Others Are Saying

It is exciting to see Tobin taking the background that he uses to help grow the WAA mission, and now expanding it to support entrepreneurial passion projects. —Karen Worcester, Executive Director - Wreaths Across America
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