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I learned something this weekend…

This was kind of a big weekend for me. I have been planning to relaunch my blog for months, and take some of my “offline” activities like journal writing and personal development – making it into an online and more transparent laboratory.

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No one asked for it. But it is something that has been on my mind for some time. I think there might even be a book in it. There is definitely something inside of me that is seeking expression. This weekend I got the pieces in place.

But in my morning reading (mostly Medium and less of the News) I came across this video by Derek Sivers. You will see his name in other places, including a book I read recently, and a great, great podcast with Tim Ferriss.

The video is short, but I will save you time:

Don’t share your goals with other people

This is interesting to me because I have some big plans for 2016, and I have been thinking that I needed to share those goals and objectives, to develop an accountability factor. The research shows that the exact opposite happens.

By sharing what I plan to do with others, my mind subconsciously gets the pat on the back as if I already achieved my goal – and I am less likely to take action on the actual achievement. Almost counter-intuitive isn’t it?

I also believe that what happens when we share our goals and the new realities we want to create, with other people is that we tend to get into their mess of limitations. Well meaning friends (this especially happens with family) will question why you would want to do that, how are you going to do it – and the sum of these questions puts a halt to a process – like stepping on a tender little bud that was starting to sink its roots and reach for the sky.

So here is what I am going to do instead:

I am going to share my results (the good and the bad) and some perspective on what I think I learned from the experience. Perhaps that will benefit others, who learn from the mistakes I made along the way. But I write not so much for changing other people, but because of how it changes me.