Bridge To A Brand YOU World

Loving It/2016

This is a list of the top things and experiences I am loving, a sort of compilation from my daily appreciation lists.

Q1 2016:

  • Snowmegeddon Storm Jonas – I know the extreme weather has been a hardship on some, and deadly for a few. For me it was a blessing in disguise as I was able to sit down and get my this blog relaunched after months of planning.
  • Today I am loving/appreciating (and missing a bit too, since we are apart) this lady. Wow – I must have done something pretty good along the way to attract a stunning and strong woman like this into my life.
  • Walking meditations – I put on my headphones and tune into some Abraham-Hicks and I just get in the zone. I just can’t seem to get enough walking in each day.
  • I am not a big one for watching a lot of TV, but this month I was completely fascinated by The Man In The High Castle. I have always loves historical mini-series. As a kid it was Baa Baa Black Sheep and the Blue and the Grey. More recently it was Season 1 of Turn and House of Cards (Martina’s favorite). The alternate reality of High Castle has just taken over my imagination, as I look around the world I live in, and wonder what might have been except for the brave men and women of the Greatest Generation.