Bridge To A Brand YOU World


Sometimes it is nice to know what a person is up to, and where their energy is focused. Derek Sivers came up with the idea of including a Now page on your website to guide visitors to your latest and greatest.

This is what I am currently working on and excited about:

Q1 2016

  • I have been planning this relaunch of since the fall, which will include a number of projects all pulled under one banner. So the ‘Snowmegaddon’ of January 23rd in Washington DC did me a great favor, as I got down to business.
  • The biggest focus of this period will be the testing and development of a new business model built around the asset value of building a list and relationships with a group of like-minded people, and what that list can mean, potentially for your own First World Freedom. If that concept interests you, I hope you will follow along.
  • Earlier this month, I took this online class via Creative Live to learn more about how to tell a story from Gimlet Media’s Alex Blumberg. Interestingly, one of the things I learned was the BEST two-line pitch for a business or new start-up and this was something I never learned in the start-up world.
  • Over the next several months I will also be taking a several certification courses in marketing automation and conversion optimization via LeadPages. This is specifically to scratch my own itch, because being a solopreneur means I need to leverage tools in the smartest way – but I also thinking marketing optimization will be a growing trend as consumers expect more service and personalization where they spend their money.

Q2 2016

  • This second quarter of the year is all about launches. I am eagerly working on the launch of the new site – and plan to break down many of the decisions made that went into that development.
  • In addition to launching work/client projects, I am planning a relaunch and new configuration to this blog space, and ideas around the development of a new platform to support the growth of online communities.
In Addition:

I have also been reading these books – but they are deserving of their own page and summary. And this is my list of things I am loving in 2016.