Bridge To A Brand YOU World

Where do your best ideas come from?

I am curious if this happens to you. In the past, I would take showers or a bath, and just get the best ideas flowing into my imagination. It always seemed like there was something magical about being in the water and relaxing that spurred my inspiration.

Driving also does the same thing for me. I get behind the wheel and go into “highway hypnosis” where I can drive for miles, building my empires in my imagination.

But lately, I have developed a new “mental workshop” space.

Since moving to Alexandria, VA (part-time) I have become enamored with walking meditations. I walk every morning, and I just cannot get enough. I seriously think I could walk all day and the stream of thoughts and ideas seems to flow like a powerful current.

It helps that Alexandria and DC are full of history and have these amazing sights to see along the way. This year I have been making a dedicated effort to break my day into “Maker” blocks of time and “Manager” blocks. This post by Paul Graham explains a bit more about Maker/Manager time. The walking seems to be the perfect precursor for the deep work that I want to do during my Maker blocks.

So I am curious. What do you do to get tuned in, tapped, and turned on the Universe of ideas around us?

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