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Why I Will Pay…

Note – this contest ended on February 20th, 2016 and the winner was drawn at random on February 21st. For more information [click here].

Enter this contest, and I am paying the car payment (up to $500*) for ONE lucky winner

*If your car payment is more than $500, you probably don’t need my help paying for your new Tesla, but at least you will know I pitched in 😉

Yes, I am doing something crazy, but hear me out on my logic…

Okay folks – I get that “nobody gives money away” and that the BS detectors are on full alert. I would feel skeptical too. But I am putting my personal name and reputation on the line here. Someone is going to win this contest and receive a check. Let’s talk for a minute about why I would do this:

This contest was created to get attention, and gather an audience for my blog and newsletter. I asked myself, what is something really cool I would want to win in a contest – and personally I think alleviating a car payment (or some other big bill) for a month will mean more than winning an iPad or some other electronic device. For some families, it might be the first deep breath they take all month.

So why should you want to pay attention to my blog or newsletter?

  1. For several years now, I have been finding and sharing really cool stories from the web like this [Newsletter Archive]. So I decided to pool this sharing into one website.
  2. I also believe there is value in building a list. Not everyone believes that (yet) and I am okay with that. One of the things I want to do on the blog is make a case for why EVERYONE should gather a tribe of like-minded people around them (that’s your list) because ultimately, YOUR LIST EQUALS YOUR INCOME.
  3. The email newsletter shares the best stuff and ideas that I discover each week. If I fail on my promise, you can unsubscribe at any time, and it will NOT impact your chances of winning the contest.
  4. But you might want to stay subscribed because I am planning to run other cool contests. This one (the Car Payment Contest) is an experiment* and I will be sharing the results. For those who are interested, I will also do a deeper dive into the “why did I do this; how did I do this; show me how to do this.”


So Sign Up For The Email Newsletter (and the Contest) And You Are Going To Get:

  • Several unique and interesting conversation starters discovered from the web each week
  • Useful tools and one man’s cutting edge perspective about doing business on the web
  • Recommendations on products I am loving, and think you will want to know about
  • Contests & Giveaways* – to make it fun and gather a tribe of friends and like-minded people to share and converse with

*The experimentation is to prove, first to myself and then to anyone else who is interested, that I have discovered a better (more effective and less expensive) way to advertise on the web. Watch the newsletter for a breakdown of the test results.

Special Note: At no point, will I be sharing or selling your email with anyone else. You don’t like spam and I don’t either. The value in a having a list is NOT in spamming that list, but just the opposite – it is about building a trusted relationship, so much that people get grumpy with you when you do not share your best stuff.

So yes, this is the real deal. I am going to pay for someone’s car payment

And in case you are wondering about how I am going to do this, this is what you need to know:

Car Payment Contest Rules

1. Prize & Drawing

Win ONE CAR PAYMENT (up to $500 value) paid by hand-written check from Tobin Slaven. Terms & Conditions include:

  • I (Tobin Slaven) will pay one monthly car payment, up to $500.
  • You (winner) must provide proof of the actual payment amount.
  • I will send a hand-written check within 7 days of the contest ending.
  • Must be 18 years of age to win and void where prohibited.
  • Winner will be chosen by random drawing using software that collects each entry. Because I have no control over choosing the winner, I am allowing all entries including friends & family.

Contest ends February 20th, 2016. A random drawing of all entries will take place on February 21st, 2016 (my birthday).

Winner and all contestants will be informed by email.

2. Ways To Win/Improve Your Chances

  • This is a CONTEST, so there are multiple ways to win
  • Enter name and email for ONE chance to win
  • Each referred friend receives TWO chances to win, so tell your friends they get an extra chance by signing up from your referral link.
  • For each referred friend who signs up, you receive TEN extra chances to win in the drawing!

3. Legal Stuff

Void where prohibited. Must be 18 to enter. And all that mumbo-jumbo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don’t have a car payment? Can I still enter? What will I win?

Honestly, I forgot that some people don’t have car payments. So show me a different monthly bill that is less than $500, and I will pay that, and we will both feel good about it. If you don’t have any monthly bills, you probably don’t need my help 😉

Do I have to be on the email newsletter list to enter the contest?

The software that I am using (which I will share more about in the newsletter) automatically adds you to the email newsletter list. But you can unsubscribe at any time. I do hope you will at least give me a chance to share a couple of newsletters with you, so you can see the value.

How can you afford to giveaway $500 (the car payment) just to blog and write a newsletter?

If you are really interested in this question, you are probably the perfect audience for me. I am totally fascinated by how individuals, businesses, and organizations are building audiences of people around them, and that “contact list” becomes THE KEY ASSET you own – more valuable than any equipment you own, or products you sell.

One of my goals with this blog and newsletter is to breakdown how online marketers are building their audiences on the web, how they make it pay, and then demonstrate each step in a transparent way, for my own audience.

So here’s the Recap:

  1. I am building a tribe of friends, family, and people who are interested in entrepreneurs and doing business on the web. The easiest (and I think best) way to share that information is via the weekly email newsletter. If you don’t like it you can unsubscribe anytime.
  2. Along with getting a kick ass newsletter of ideas and inspiration, entering the contest gets you at least ONE chance to win having your car payment paid for this month. You can get more chances to win by sharing with your friends.
  3. The Car Payment Contest is to make it fun, and get the word out to more people (advertising). There will be more contests, so watch for the email newsletter.

Fair enough? So make sure you are subscribed to the email list because honestly, there is more value in that HOW, WHY, and WHAT of #3 – but it is on me to prove it.

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